We've all heard those stories of people who met and instantly felt the connection deep within, soul mates if you will, but inevitably had to separate due to the timing in their lives.

I often wonder if such situations are a cruel joke being played by the hands of fate.  However, what if it's the opening scene to the rest of their life?  A chance meeting that inevitably inspires a longing desire to change the things that need changing -- to become who they were meant to be, so when they meet once again, the timing will be perfect.

I  can't help but believe the latter.

Have a great week.
Remember when summer vacation lasted a life time?

We spent our summer holidays in BC and one summer in particular stands out.  The one where I met that infamous boy, John, at a dance.  Wow!  So many years ago, yet my heart still flutters when I think about him sitting across from me.  He was drop dead gorgeous.  Yes, the same boy every girl wanted to get her claws into and truth be told, I couldn't believe  he was interested in me, but he was and to this day Highway to Heaven is our song.  Every time I hear it, it propels me back in time, feeling his arms around me, swaying slowly to the first part and even after the tempo picked up, he never let me go.  A memory that always makes me smile.

We stayed in touch by writing letters (no such thing as computers) for another few months, but slowly, as with summer, it faded into the past.

I was a typical teenager with oodles of self-doubt and no confidence in my looks at all, however, John changed that -- it was a summer's promise that helped me to see myself  differently -- I was beautiful to someone. 

Have a great week!




Yes, it's been a while since I've posted and I really have to get back to it -- so this is the beginning of the... beginning.  :)

As of late, it seems that I'm a magnet for people who are in situations that we all find ourselves in once in awhile; having to make a hard choice/decision and in some instances not necessarily hard, just a decision that would see their personal world change (not to the magnitude of the sky falling; just maybe someone new coming into their life that adds a little twist to their world.)

Now, that's nothing new in itself, but what is astonishing is that, so far, all, regardless of excellent advice given or a good pro/con scenario presented, either stayed on the fence walking that tightrope, refusing to go one way or the other or worse, they steadfast hung back in their comfort zone when no guarantee of the outcome was promised.  It seems that the fear of the unknown is guiding us more often than not and very few want to wander from the path they are on.

This brings to me to my question; whatever happened to faith?  Not in the sense of going to church, but in the sense of reaching out, doing something without over analysing it, without wanting the answers before the questions are asked -- what if a decision you have to make could bring a lot of hurt, but could just as easily bring you a lot of happiness?  Either way your life is changed, so you stay where you are, in the life you know. 

Whatever happened to...

Taking a leap of faith?  Believe me, you can't live if you're afraid to die.

Have a great week.
To start with Happy belated Easter, I hope everyone had a great week-end.

Have you wondered how many thoughts one person can have in a twenty four hour period?  Neither have I. 

Mind you it would be very scary if someone were to poke around in my cerebellum looking for just that answer.

Imagine some unknown stalking about inside my brain.  What they would find is a horde of characters arguing and fighting for my attention -- no form, no distinction, just a whole lot of really big muscular, drop dead gorgeous men, all sweaty, throwing their muscles around and then there's the voluptuous, sexy, curvy women, cracking out the claws and hair pulling, fighting for their man...

Hey!  Wait a minute!  Some unknown poking about in my head?  That happens all the time, how the heck do you think the fights started?  That's my normalacy!  Oh well!  All the newbie has to do is whip up some funky martial-arts dance and dive head first into the fight club -- then they would be successfully added to the list of characters that make up my stories.

I know!  Either you want my brain transplanted in yours or you want to lock me up and throw away the key.  But you can't!  Ha!

Hope I made you laugh.  Have a great week.
First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day -- the top of the morning to you!

This past week, as with all others, I went to the gym like a good little girl and worked my bloody ass off!  Yes for the past two months I've seen changes in the form of my bod and things shifted around, but it was only this past week that I finally saw something that I had set out to do -- the layer of fat over my "girly" six-pack is dispensing.  Yay!!!  It, not like a man's washboards, that would be gross, is taking shape; my hard work is paying off!

Yes, this makes me happy, but not as much as the blessings in my life.  Those blessing, my kids, grandbabies, all the people I hold dear (even ones that don't even know it), are never overshadowed by my wants -- my life without those blessing wouldn't be and they are what make me get up in the morning and feel good.

Have a great week.




Life always has a way of throwing us curves, Lord knows I've had a few thrown at me these past few weeks and it's the same for characters of a Novel.  Take for instance that huge secret novel that I was writing... No I'm not revealing anything about it.  Anyway, take for instance that one.  It was finished as far as I was concerned and even sent out to agents.  However, a couple of weeks ago, on a Wednesday night at exactly 2:36 a.m., I bolted up with the characters charging at me like bulls, heads down, beady eyes glaring, complete with steam coming out of their noses.  Talk about stand up and pay attention.

Well, that's what I've been working on, the concept and plot are the same but the characters are insisting they are presented on a deeper personal level and being their narrator it must be done.  Honestly, I'm quite liking the way they are coming across -- they're like a box of dark, sweet chocolate.

Sorry Michael and Rose, I see you in the back behind the curtain.  You will be my number one priority, just let me get these trouble makers out of my head.

Have a great week.
Have you ever reached a point or time when you stand in the middle of your kitchen (or living room, it doesn't matter where) and find your brain full of so many questions and concerns that it takes all your energy and you finally decide to take a step back? I'm sure you have, we all have. That's what happened to me last week.

No, it wasn’t something so earth shattering that all the blinds, doors and windows had to be closed and locked, but it was something that I had to do simply to settle my soul.  I won't go into great detail as it is something I'll only share with those who were involved in those thoughts, if they so choose to listen, but I will tell you this, it was certainly worth it.

I did a lot of thinking, a lot of praying, a lot of digging, a lot of re-evaluating and I sorted out what I wanted. That does leave quite a bit to the imagination for you, but I encourage you to give it a try. You see, we all live in the here and now which is appropriate, but we also have to look beyond that, as next year you'll be one year older and so forth. Where will you be ten years from now? Will you be alone or will have that special someone at your side?

There are people who are so caught up in the here and now they can't see the forest through the trees. They hold others at arm’s length because they're afraid to let them in, afraid of getting hurt perhaps.  I have words of advice for both the ones being held at arm’s length and those doing the deed.  For those being held back; all you can do is be there for them when their ready or when they need someone to talk to.  That’s what I realized this week.  And for those doing the holding, I want to plant this seed; if the people you’re holding at bay mean something be aware that eventually they will, if shoved hard enough, choose a different path that won’t include you.  Remember, right now is the beginning of that path to the future, choose wisely.

Have a great week.
This past week has been interesting to say the least.  Monday kicked off my blog tour for Soul Control with Pump up your Books and I must say the reviews coming in are great thus far.  It is also amazing that every one of the bloggers are getting exactly what I was trying to get across with the book, it humbles me.  You can read the "Reviews" under the review tab.

Then Saturday morning I had a radio show for half an hour, called A Book and Chat where we talked about all three of the novels.  At first I was especially nervous, but as we talked, I got a little more at ease.  You can hear the whole thing under the "Neat Stuff" tab.

Then last but not least, I have put two copies of all three novels on a giveaway on Goodreads, so head on over there and enter.  I love giving away my books (well, within reason.)

One more thing before I bid you adieu', I've been watching the hits on my website -- they have increased substantially and that makes me very excited to have more people visiting me, keep it up! 

Have a great week.
Well I had a book signing on Saturday and it was amazingly successful. I sold numerous Absolute and Soul Control. I also met an amazing bunch of people. I met a young woman who had always wanted to write as she works in the field of corrections and has had many experiences to write about. I encouraged her to make notes and then proceed on. I'm hoping to hear from her soon. I also met another amazing couple who were downright sweet and generous with their compliments. We talked for maybe 20 minutes about everything and I found myself drawn to their personalities, they were amazing -- I hope to keep in contact with them as well. And again I met another young lady who
aspired to be writer, but was more on the illustrative side of it.

The people that I spoke with on Saturday are the reasons why I do book signings. Yes
it’s nice to sell the books, but it’s wonderful to be face to face with the readers of all genres, talking with them, learning a little about them -- they are the reason why I write, they are my inspiration. Thank you all-- you all hold a place in my heart, as all my readers do.

Have a great week.

I've been struggling with Absolute Absolution the third and final in the Absolute series. It has been extremely difficult to focus and we all know that if I force it, the words will portray exactly that -- a forced scene and will read horribly. However, it must be done, so what I've decided is... I'm going to make myself sit down. It will be forced for the first little bit, then I know I'll get into it and change the forced bit later.

Where did I run into trouble? Well, previously I had written two decidedly different beginnings which of course led to two different outcomes, but in my infamous wisdom I decided to combine the two. Why, you ask?  Because one was exactly how I wanted it to be, but the reasons for it to happen just weren't strong enough to support the event and the other beginning was strong, but the outcome wasn't strong enough-- so the only logical thing was to combine the two.
You would think then everything was okay and I should be able to continue on.  Not so.  Combining those two beginnings was difficult to say the least as it brought on different timing mechanisms, ages, etc., but never mind that, the new beginning took the book into a third completely different direction, so now I need to create the new bridges that will pull all the scenes together and those bridges have to support every scene before it. Do you see why I'm struggling? Geez I  sure do. Oh well, back at it!

Have a great week.


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