Do you realize that it's already the middle of April?  Mind you, I've heard over and over again from most people that this past winter seemed exceptionally long.  It did too me as well, even though we never really got the first real snow fall, that stayed, until late November.

Oh well, we're now on the tail end and can look forward to the warmth of the sun, blooming flowers, BBQ and bugs.  All those wonderful things that make up summer

Now, regardless of the length the winter seemed, I, of course, did not get as much done on the third book in the Absolute series as I had hoped.  It's not that I'm struggling with the plot, its all there, its the fact that, right now, it's more a puzzle that needs to be put together.  I'm finding myself moving this scene here, that scene there and we all know what happens when you mess with stuff like that; it all has to be bridged somehow, which in turn can take you a totally different direction.  And as is par for the course with Michael and Rose, I've written myself into a corner on numerous occasions, finding myself like a trapped wild animal pacing back and forth, getting nowhere.  It also doesn't help that Michael is being even more evasive in spilling his guts and in turn making my job that much harder, but then again, if he wasn't like that, I'd worry.  However, I bring you great tidings of joy!  Each and every time thus far, regardless of Michael's stubbornness, I've managed to undo the knots and continue on. 

Have a great week.

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As a writer, it’s important, when writing our characters' stories, that we use descriptive words to give the reader facial expressions, tone of voice, stance, demeanor, everything for them to read the scene in its entirety.  However, in the real world, face to face conversation is not always possible, therefore we turn to social media.  We text, we email, and IM, and in our post haste to get those messages out, we use quick spurted sentences with abbreviations galore, dropping any words that might give meaning and substance to it; no facial expression, no tone of voice.  Now, I’m not saying you should get into texting phrases like “he cocked a brow” or “he listened intently to what I was saying while darting his eyes across my edges”, you’d be branded a looney if you started doing that.  Yes, loony I tell you. 

Anyway onward!

When there are no emotions attached to the scribble, not only can the reader miss the inner meaning (and there’s always an inner meaning, its called the feelings of the writer), but it also leaves the door wide open for misinterpretation in its entirety and that coupling is a recipe for disaster.  It could easily morph an innocent statement into a disastrous consequence should the reader misdiagnose the context in which it was meant and believe me, texts, IM’s and the like, have no prejudice.  Even us writers fall victim to the ease in which those abstract writings flow from our fingers -- we are just as guilty for sending off misguided meanings as we are receiving them.

Though it drives me crazy how much we rely on social media even when we have the opportunity to be close, up front and personal, the world is evolving and I must learn to adapt with it.  So here is my advice from a recent lesson learned:

It’s difficult to read between the lines in both real life and social media, however, face to face has expression to give us clues of understanding and if we don’t get it, we ask.  With social media communications, it seems to me that we shoot and ask questions later, often going off half-cocked when we read something that upsets us though it could have an entirely different meaning.  My advice and I’m going to take my own advice; read the words, try to put them into the proper perspective and if it upsets you or you’re not sure how to take it, fall back on that old adage “ask and you shall receive”.  You just might save someone a lot of heartache, including yourself… believe me, I know.

One more thing... remember, even if you return a heartfelt apology, if its delivered through abbreviation it has no soul.  Yes, they have been known to go far, but sometimes it’s just not enough -- your response may run too deep.



As another year closes, a new one begins and many of us will reflect on the past 365 days, while others will simply move on to the next day.  I, myself, will reflect.

This last year brought some exceptional joys, some new beginnings, new people to cherish in my life and some untimely endings.  Happiness, sadness, joy and heartache, seemed to be the theme, but then again all of us endure that every year -- it is what we take from the resulting emotion that will determine who we are in 2014.

In light of that:

Lord, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

This I wish for all of you and don't forget to look for the miracles all around you -- they are there, you just need to open your heart and soul to see them. 

Have an incredible New Year.



Not only our family, but the world, lost a beautiful soul -- Love you, miss you my beautiful Niece

Chrissy’s Poem

 Left behind to decipher the logic, a seemingly momentous task.
Though we may never understand such impossibility.
One thing could never be masked.  

She was light when things were heavy.
A smile where, by rights, should a frown be.
A quip that would shake your belly in laughter
A warming touch that lingered lovingly.

A life cut short by our mere human standards.
A ship, with one soul, has fallen; the shipman would wise.
Yet, not only does she live on in the Kingdom.
She lives on in the souls that merely touched her with their eyes.

Love Auntie

I, like the rest of the world, use social media and as my die hard fans know, it sometimes drives me crazy.  There are two things in this world as of right now (which could easily switch up in the next half an hour or so) that are on my attack list.

Number One; when I send a book to someone for free and at my cost with a promise that they will give me feedback and don't.  Its very maddening.  Not that I expect a written review on a grand scale, just something to my personal email will do.  Maybe "it sucked, it was great, it sucked banana's" either way, its feedback.  Yes in the beginning it was hard to take the bad with the good, but you know what?  The bad along with the good makes me a better writer and believe me I've taken a few of the bad things that have been pointed out and revamped my style because of it.  So nothing goes unnoticed and nothing is wasted.

Second: (the reason for the title and my rant) Email.  Email has become the acceptable way to communicate on a wide scale which is fine to a point, but no matter how hard you try, misinterpretation of the words will inevitably get misconstrued or misunderstood, resulting in someone getting hurt, or pissed off and all because assumptions were placed on words written with possibly totally different meanings.  Regardless, I'm gong to say it again, there is nothing like the face to face, or even the phone call -- nothing can replace emotions on those two levels.  Seeing someone who has a calm cool demeanor may have a trickle of something in their eyes that give away the true feeling of the moment or maybe someone on the phone is saying one thing but their trembling voice gives away something much different.  As a writer I try to convey emotion for the reader, that is most important, but that's fiction -- in real life, human contact, all emotions whether wanted or not is what makes us human.

Don't forget that, don't detach yourself from the real, from the hug, from the cry, from the laugh -- don't detach yourself from the world around you so much that you fear the outside, or a crowded sidewalk, unable to look someone in the eye with a smile or a nod.  Don't hide behind this computer screen because you'll most definitely miss the opportunities awaiting you to meet those you were meant to meet and most of all you'll miss the fun of interaction, making a fool of yourself in a drunken stupor, or... the soft kiss and touch.

Have a great week.
We've all heard those stories of people who met and instantly felt the connection deep within, soul mates if you will, but inevitably had to separate due to the timing in their lives.

I often wonder if such situations are a cruel joke being played by the hands of fate.  However, what if it's the opening scene to the rest of their life?  A chance meeting that inevitably inspires a longing desire to change the things that need changing -- to become who they were meant to be, so when they meet once again, the timing will be perfect.

I  can't help but believe the latter.

Have a great week.
Remember when summer vacation lasted a life time?

We spent our summer holidays in BC and one summer in particular stands out.  The one where I met that infamous boy, John, at a dance.  Wow!  So many years ago, yet my heart still flutters when I think about him sitting across from me.  He was drop dead gorgeous.  Yes, the same boy every girl wanted to get her claws into and truth be told, I couldn't believe  he was interested in me, but he was and to this day Highway to Heaven is our song.  Every time I hear it, it propels me back in time, feeling his arms around me, swaying slowly to the first part and even after the tempo picked up, he never let me go.  A memory that always makes me smile.

We stayed in touch by writing letters (no such thing as computers) for another few months, but slowly, as with summer, it faded into the past.

I was a typical teenager with oodles of self-doubt and no confidence in my looks at all, however, John changed that -- it was a summer's promise that helped me to see myself  differently -- I was beautiful to someone. 

Have a great week!



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Yes, it's been a while since I've posted and I really have to get back to it -- so this is the beginning of the... beginning.  :)

As of late, it seems that I'm a magnet for people who are in situations that we all find ourselves in once in awhile; having to make a hard choice/decision and in some instances not necessarily hard, just a decision that would see their personal world change (not to the magnitude of the sky falling; just maybe someone new coming into their life that adds a little twist to their world.)

Now, that's nothing new in itself, but what is astonishing is that, so far, all, regardless of excellent advice given or a good pro/con scenario presented, either stayed on the fence walking that tightrope, refusing to go one way or the other or worse, they steadfast hung back in their comfort zone when no guarantee of the outcome was promised.  It seems that the fear of the unknown is guiding us more often than not and very few want to wander from the path they are on.

This brings to me to my question; whatever happened to faith?  Not in the sense of going to church, but in the sense of reaching out, doing something without over analysing it, without wanting the answers before the questions are asked -- what if a decision you have to make could bring a lot of hurt, but could just as easily bring you a lot of happiness?  Either way your life is changed, so you stay where you are, in the life you know. 

Whatever happened to...

Taking a leap of faith?  Believe me, you can't live if you're afraid to die.

Have a great week.
To start with Happy belated Easter, I hope everyone had a great week-end.

Have you wondered how many thoughts one person can have in a twenty four hour period?  Neither have I. 

Mind you it would be very scary if someone were to poke around in my cerebellum looking for just that answer.

Imagine some unknown stalking about inside my brain.  What they would find is a horde of characters arguing and fighting for my attention -- no form, no distinction, just a whole lot of really big muscular, drop dead gorgeous men, all sweaty, throwing their muscles around and then there's the voluptuous, sexy, curvy women, cracking out the claws and hair pulling, fighting for their man...

Hey!  Wait a minute!  Some unknown poking about in my head?  That happens all the time, how the heck do you think the fights started?  That's my normalacy!  Oh well!  All the newbie has to do is whip up some funky martial-arts dance and dive head first into the fight club -- then they would be successfully added to the list of characters that make up my stories.

I know!  Either you want my brain transplanted in yours or you want to lock me up and throw away the key.  But you can't!  Ha!

Hope I made you laugh.  Have a great week.